Life is more colorful with a Prism

 Remember when you used to go to this hip spot in North Wales, drive around for 20 minutes looking for the entrance and find yourself behind what seemed to be a vacant building at the end of a dead end road and all you saw was an "open" sign? You walk through the dark parking lot wondering if this is the place and cautiously walk up to the door, not knowing what to expect.  You open the door to a crowd of people laughing, a bartender yells "hello!" across the sea of faces. You look behind the bar and see the brewing equipment with a guy back there washing down the tanks. Above the bar you glance over the menu of 8 beers, each one sounds more unique than the last. You sit down and have a flight and find you like MOST of them, unlike many other places you've been. And BOOM. Prism becomes a part of your life. This is the story of thousands of people for nearly 10 years. Are you ready for the next journey?