Shady Blonde

 Our sunny seasonal Blonde is a refreshing break from the norm and the perfect way to welcome the warmer weather back into our lives. The blood Oranges add just  a touch of tartness that enhances the dry feeling of this beer and provides a great citrus blast to enjoy on a sunny day. This highly sessionalble  ale has the flavor that you have been looking for and is THE beer to enjoy during all warm weather activities... No Wit or Pils about it. Just another way that Life’s more colorful with a Prism!


About our Spectrum

Our beers have personality, some of them have an attitude. We use only all natural ingredients to create flavorful ales for you to enjoy. After all, life is more colorful with a Prism.


To help you easily identify the potency of each beer we use the colors of the rainbow with each color representing a range of alcohol by volume.

<5% ABV

7 - 8% ABV

5 - 6% ABV

8 - 9% ABV

6 - 7% ABV

> 9% ABV

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Felony IPA

10 Hops, 10% aBv & 100 IBU’s make this beer a smooth criminal. Twice the alcohol of your average beer makes it a crime. By brewing with more english than american hops, this beer has a europe comes to america hop flavor. The english mash & yeast make it extremely balanced.   Not at all like what you are used to in an IPA. after all, Life’s more colorful with a prism!